Monday, April 4, 2011

SNOWY DAY (Table Decoration)

Things required:
Cucumbers ... 3 (large,medium & small)
Radish ............ 2 (1 thick and 1 round)
Carrots .... 1
Cherry .... 1

1. Select cucumbers which are are thick on one end and thinner on the other...of 3 different sizes.(Father penguin, Mother penguin & Baby penguin)
2. Give a slit on either side for the wings and insert a piece of toothpick so that the wings open up a little.
3. Carve beaks of 3 different sizes out of carrot. Cut a tiny piece of cucumber on the thinner side and fix the beaks with a piece of tooth pick
4. Fix cloves for the eyes.
5. Now for the snowman, peel the radishes, use the thicker one for the body and the round one for the head. Make a long beak and a hat from the carrot and fix them as shown in the figure.Fix the cherry on the hat and also the cloves for the eyes.
6. Fix toothpicks for the hands on either side.
7. Grate the radish and use it for snow.
8. To make the penguins stand, cut a small piece (slanting) on the bottom and fix a slice of radish.
(You may also use brinjals for the penguins if you get the required shape)


  1. Penguins and snow men are so cute.You are very talented and artistic in your carvings.

    Create n carve is being hosted at simply food, would love to see you send this in for the event.

    1. Tried out a simple one.. thanks for liking

  2. wow...such a wonderful carving this is....amazing! you rock Shobha...there is an award Galore waiting for u in my space...plz collect it :-)

    1. Thanks for always encouraging.. wow an award for me too.. I am honoured

  3. Thanks .. would love to be a part of your Portal.

  4. Such a pretty decoration, bringing some imaginary snow into a tropical country.

  5. Wow - what a great idea and great seasonal craft project for kids!

  6. Wow! That is amazing. I absolutely love the idea n will try it when my nephews visit.

    1. Thanks Archana.. that's a great idea to get the kids involved in making it.


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