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Nargisi kofta curry is a lovely party dish loved by all. Vegetarians can make this version and enjoy too. I had tried out vegetarian Nargisi kababs for an event. They really looked so pretty and I thought why not serve these beauties with a shahi gravy. Everyone loved the curry to the core.

To make vegetarian Nargisi kababs select small oval shaped potatoes,boil and peel them. Cut them into two. Scoope out the center part (Size of a yolk) Mash it with some paneer adding a little salt and yellow food colour. Make round yolks with this. Place them in the hollow portion of the potato and join the two halves together. Now cover this potato with a mixture of ground soya granules which has been soaked and ground along with spices and soaked bread pieces for binding. Now fry the kofta and slice it. serve as a snack or with gravy.
To see the detailed step by step pictorial recipe click - HERE

Now let us proceed to make the shahi gravy.

Onions .... 2 medium
Tomatoes ... 2
Tomato puree ... 2 tbsps
Cashew nut paste ... 3-4 tbsps
Cream .............. 2 tbsps
Turmeric powder .. 1/4 tsp
Garam masala powder ... 1 tsp
Red chilli powder .... 1/2 tsp
Kasoori methi ... 1 tsp
Salt ............... to taste
Oil ............. 3-4 tbsps


1. Boil the onions and grind them to make a paste.

2. Blanch the tomatoes, peel and puree them.

3. In a pan heat oil and saute the onion paste.

4. Now add the pureed tomato and saute for a minute.

5. Add the tomato paste, salt and the spice powders.

6. Blend in the cashew paste and saute for half a minute.

7. Now add the cream and as much water you need to make the gravy and simmer.

8. Before serving heat the gravy and add the prepared veg Nargisi koftas. Sprinkle dry roasted and crushed kasoori methi for flavour.


  1. This is a really interesting recipe and I love the lovely presentation and the fact that you can serve the koftas as a starter or in gravy as amain.

    1. Yes dear.. two in one :)
      Thanks for liking.

  2. I love your recipe for the gravy as I think it would go well with any koftas or any vegetables. The nargis koftas are really innovative.

    1. Thanks a lot.. yes this gravy is perfect for party dishes.

  3. Goodness,I thought they were eggs.Only after clicking on the Kofta link did I realize that they are mock eggs. Great recipe I must say.


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