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This is a very ancient and traditional recipe of Rajasthan. It is said that the kings or men folk used to prepare this during their hunting expeditions. It was cooked with the meat of any animal that they hunted, hence the name "Junglee Maas" . As they could not carry any stuff with them they would make use of dry red chillies and salt to flavour the dish. At the most a spoonful of pickle was added if available. It was just prepared with four ingredients, meat, red chillies, salt and ghee.
These days it is prepared with goat meat and people have started adding many spices and other ingredients to it. I have prepared it with few whole spices for flavouring and  Mathania Chillies, the very famous variety from Rajasthan. They give out a lovely colour but are not too strong.

Mutton ........... 1/2 kg
Desi ghee ....... 5-6 tbsps
Dried Mathania mirch .... 15
Cinnamon stick ..... 1 inch piece
Cloves ................... 6
Black cardamoms ... 2
Salt .................... to taste
Pickle masala ................ 1 tbsp (optional- you can add garlic too)


1. Heat ghee and add the whole spices.

2. When they give out an aroma add the cleaned mutton pieces.

3. Saute for few minutes.

4. Tip in the broken red chillies and saute adding a little water.

5. Add salt  and pickle masala when the meat is three-fourths done. Use any spicy pickle available at home.

6. Continue the process of adding a little water and sauteeing until the mutton is soft.

7. Cook until it is nicely fried and dry. It takes about one hour.


  1. Very interesting and simple recipe too... retains the total flavor of the mutton...

  2. Woow nice recipe.. my mouth is watering..few days back I made Rajasthan laal maas..

    1. I love that one too.. spicy dishes from Rajasthan.


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