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I have baked a focaccia before but this one is a different version. This is my first post in the group " We Knead to Bake " started by Aparna Balasubramanyan.  Focassia Caprese is the chosen bread of this month. Focaccia is a flat bread from Italy, thicker than pizza  with various toppings, savoury and sweet. In the old days, Focaccia rarely had any toppings except oil and herbs (and garlic as well) for flavour though this has changed. Perhaps this is why there is this confusion between the Focaccia and the Pizza!
Focaccia Caprese is nothing but a focaccia dough topped in Caprese style.( refers to the island of Capri ) which is fresh mozarella cheese, sliced tomatoes and fresh basil in addition to the usual herbs and olive oil used for any focaccia. If you cannot find fresh mozarella where you live use any kind of  "melty" cheese.

For the dough:
All purpose flour .. 2 cups
Fresh yeast ...... 1 cube ( 15 grms )
Sugar ......... 2 tsps
Salt ....... 1 tsp
Olive oil ... as needed ( 2-3 tbsp approx - I used herbed oil )
Luke warm water ... 3/4 th cup or little more if needed.

Fresh buffalo mozarella cheese .. 6-8 slices (or as needed to cover the focaccia )
Fresh basil leaves .. as needed
Tomato ... thin slices.

To make herbed oil :
Olive oil .. 1/4 cup
Dried basil .. 1 tsp
Dried  oregano .. 1 tsp
Chilli flakes ... 1/2 tsp
Minced garlic ... 1/2 tsp
Salt ... to taste
( Mix all the ingredients and store in a small jar )

1. Take the flour in a big bowl. Make a well and break the yeast and add sprinkle the sugar over it.
2. Using lukewarm water mix the yeast and sugar first, mixing it into the dough. Also add the salt and 2 tbsps of herbed oil incorporating it into the dough while kneading.
3. Place the dough in a greased bowl. Cover it well and leave until risen and almost double.
4. Knead the dough lightly with greased hands. Flatten it on a greased tray leave it for 10-15 minutes to rise.
5. Drizzle the herbed oil over it generously and make dimples on the surface using your finger.
6. Bake on high 250 degrees C for 15 - 20 minutes until almost done.
7. Remove from the oven, drizzle some more oil and spread the cheese slices, covering them with thin tomato slices and chopped basil leaves. The topping should cover most of the surface.of the bread.
8. Drizzle some more oil and bake for 5-8 minutes until the cheese has melted.
Garnish with fresh basil leaves. Cut into slices and serve while it is hot.

We Knead to Bake # 13 -  Focaccia Caprese  ( hosted by - Aparna Balasubramanyan )
(Adapted from The Kitchen Whisperer)

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