Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PAPAYA PEACOCK (Table Decoration)

Things Required:
1 Ripe and firm papaya
Lettuce leaves
Cherry tomatoes

1. On the papaya, carefully mark the shape of the bird's face, neck, wings and the back tail piece should be in an oval shape and a little higher than the face.
2. Carefully cut the shape of the face and the neck with a thin, sharp knife.
3. On the sides of the papaya, make 4-5 slits for the wings.
4. Fix cherry tomatoes on the tail piece.
5. Place some lettuce leaves in the papaya and adjust the slits of the wings in a slightly slanting position.
6. Use cloves for the eyes.
7. Make a beak and a crown from a firm, red tomato or red capsicum.

Friday, May 6, 2011

PAPAYA VASE (Table Decoration)

Items Required:
Medium-sized Papaya
Cherry Tomatoes
Tooth Picks
Satay Sticks
Spring Onion Leaves

Method :1. Cut a small slice off on the stem side of the papaya to make it stand on a flat surface. 2. Now cut about 2 inches from top and give the edge a zig-zag design using a sharp thin knife.
3. Using a round scooper, scoop out round pieces from the papaya.
4. Break the tooth picks into two and using these, fix the cherry tomatoes and the scooped out papaya rounds into the hollow places, alternating them.
5. Now break the satay sticks into different sizes. Pass them through the spring onion leaf and fix a tomato on top.
6. Make the required number in different sizes and place them in the papaya vase.You can also put in some leaves separately.
( Variation : Instead of zig-zag design, you can also decorate the edge of the papaya vase using tiny tomatoes. )

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