Saturday, November 30, 2019


Tohan Mosdeng is a tribal style chicken salad from Tripura. It is like onion kachumber with the addition of chicken and is very spicy. The charred green chillies give this salad the rustic smoky flavour. It can be had as a side dish with meals or even as a filling for the sandwiches, wraps or kathi rolls.

This recipe is part of the "Shhhhhh Cooking Secretly" challenge. We get 2 secret ingredients from our partner each month and we cook the dish of the chosen theme. My partner of the month is Renu Agarwal Dongre. She gave me "Onion" and "Green Chiliies" 

Renu Blogs at "Cook with Renu" . Do visit her space and check out her delicious recipes. The 2 secret ingredients that I gave her are "Red Chillies" and "Garlic". She made a spicy and delicious Tomato Chutney .. Check it out HERE

Chicken ... 200 gms
Onion ....... 1 (sliced)
Green chillies ..5-6
Ginger ........... 1 " piece
Garlic .......... 3-4 cloves (crushed)
Coriander leaves .... 1 cup
Salt ..................... to taste
Oil .................... 2 tbsps (to fry the chicken)

1. Marinate the chicken fillet with salt and garlic.
2. Heat oil and pan fry the chicken until done. You can also grill it instead.
3. In a metal colander char the green chillies on the gas flame.
4. Crush them along with the ginger in a pestle and mortar.
5. Shred the chicken into thin strips.
6. Wash the coriander leaves and chop them.
7. Slice the onion.
8. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl crushing them nicely with your hand. This brings out all the flavours.
9. Enjoy the chicken salad.

You can also see the detailed video of this recipe:

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Sunday, November 10, 2019


Here is a delicious and cheesy party snack for you. I had these Jalapeno poppers in USA for the first time while visiting my children. I fell in love with these as they were to my liking... spicy !!!
Ever since I had been planning to make them. 

 Finally I got an opportunity when it was the turn to make a dish with alphabet "J" in our group --- A-Z Recipe Challenge. wherein we bloggers come together and choose  key ingredients alphabetically to make and post a dish every alternate month.

Jalapeno chillies - 5-6 
Cheese ................ 1 cup (or as needed)
Bacon ................. few strips (optional)
Bread crumbs ...... as needed for coating
APF / maida ......... as needed for coating
Milk ................... 1 cup 
Garlic granules ... 1 tbsps (optional)
Salt ..................... to taste
Oil ..................... to fry 

1. Wash the Jalapeno chillies or peppers well. Make a slit and discard the seeds.
2. Put them in a pot and cook for just one boil adding salt.
3. Drain and set aside.
4. Grate the cheese and set aside.
5. Fry the bacon strips until brown and crispy. Cut them into tiny pieces. Mix them with the grated cheese.
6. Take the flour in a flat plate and mix little salt.
7. Put the bread crumbs in a flat plate and mix the garlic granules.
8. Wipe the blanched chillies and stuff them with cheese and bacon mixture.
9. Dip them in the milk and roll them in the flour until well coated. Repeat this step twice and refrigerate for 10 mins.
10. Now dip them in the milk again and roll them in the bread crumbs until well coated. Refrigerate for few minutes and repeat this step again until the chillies are well coated. 
11. Refrigerate them again for 10 more minutes. This makes the coating nice and firm.
12. Heat some oil in a frying pan and fry the Stuffed and coated Jalapeno peppers until crisp and golden brown.
13. Serve immediately.

See the Recipe Video of making the Jalapeno Poppers 

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Use any cheese of your choice. You may also use cream cheese if you like.
You can skip adding bacon and add chicken instead... or skip adding any of them if you are a vegetarian.
You can prepare and store the coated Jalapenos in the refrigerator a day ahead also if you are having a party.

Recipe adapted from - HERE

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Saturday, November 9, 2019


This is a very simple and easy to make cookie recipe, perfect for kids party. These are made by my grand daughter Maya.

(All ingredients at room temperature)
All purpose flour - 3 cups
Sugar ................ 1 cup
Eggs ................. 2
Butter ............... 1 cup
Vanilla extract ... 1 tsp
Salt .................... 1/2 tsp
Baking powder ... 1/2 tsp
Baking soda ........ 1/4 tsp

 1. Mix the flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder and butter until it starts to clump together.
 2. Add the eggs, sugar and vanilla extract.
 3. Chill in the refrigerator for 30 - 40 mins.
 4. Roll out and cut into desired shapes.
 5. Bake at 400 F for 6-8 mins.
 6. Remove and cool them on a rack.

Ingredients for frosting:
Icing sugar..... 1 and 1/2 cups
Melted butter ... 2 tbsps
Vanilla extract .... 1 tsp
Lemon juice ...... 1/2 tsp
Milk ................. 1 or 2 tbsps
Food colouring ... 2-3 drops

 1. Combine all the ingredients and beat until smooth.
 2. If frosting is thick add little more milk, if it is thin add icing sugar to adjust.
 3. Add the colour and mix well.
Spread it on the cookies evenly and decorate them in any way you like.

You can also watch the detailed Video of this recipe:

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