Oops... I logged in to post my new recipe and what do I see! Our dear blogger friend Kavita has tagged me. I have a questionnaire here to be answered. Now the recipe can wait until then. I have been interacting with Kavita closely in the recent past (thanks to blogging) and we seem to be having lot of common interests. She has had the opportunity to live in different places and tasted various regional cuisines, which she shares in her blog 'KAVITA'S KITCHEN'. Do visit and I am sure you will love her delicious recipes.

1. Are you a vegetarian or have you thought of being one ?
A. No I am not a vegetarian but I did give it a try once. My niece Rakhi was the inspiration behind this. Rakhi, who loved to eat chicken everyday is now a strict vegetarian after her marriage. So I thought if she can give it up why can't I ?
I somehow completed one year as promised to her. I was living in Brazil during that period and it was difficult to find vegetarian food in the restaurants. All I could get to eat was salads. (ha ha .. that was a good excuse for me ) I missed my chicken tikkas and prawns very much.

2. Who inspired you to cook?
A. My grand mother was my inspiration. She was an excellent cook and a perfectionist. I started cooking right from a very young age. During the festivities everything was made at home those days and also in large quantities to be shared with neighbours and friends. She made me sit with her to help out and observe everything carefully. Now-a-days people like to buy all the ready stuff.

3. How do you celebrate Christmas or a favourite festival of your choice?
A. I love to celebrate all the festivals as they bring a lot of joy. Having studied in a convent school, I am familiar with the Church activities and Christmas celebrations. During our stay in Brazil we used to celebrate Christmas with our Brazilian friends. I loved the part of giving and receiving gifts ( kept under the Christmas tree) to each and every member of the family. Diwali is another favourite festival of mine. Every house has a festive look with colourful lights and Diyas. I love the custom of visiting each other to greet with gifts and goodies. But I do not like burning crackers. I feel it is a sheer waste of money and adding more pollution. I would rather donate that amount to the needy.

4. Do you prefer to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends and/or family to ring in the New Year quietly and privately at home?
A. I prefer to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends. It is so much fun organizing pot luck dinners and games. Of course next day New Year's lunch would always be with children/family.

5. If some one were to ask you to bring a dessert to a party, what would you bring? store-bought or home-made? If you were to make at home, what would you make?
A. If I was asked to bring a dessert to a party I would definitely take a home-made one. What I would take depends on the occasion and theme of the party. Most of the time I am left with no choice. My friends always choose what they want to eat and inform me along with the invitation. In a way it saves me from thinking what to prepare, but at times I get fed up of making the same dish for them repeatedly.

6. How will you celebrate your next birthday?
A. We usually go out for dinner on birthdays. It is always a family affair and I am pampered by 3 men in my life. ( Hey hey..don't get wrong ideas.. .. I meant my husband and 2 sons). Children being away in the US, this year it will be hubby dear and me - a cosy candle light dinner.

7. Do you have a New Year resolution and will you be sticking to it?
A. Yes, this year's resolution is to get back to my painting which I have been neglecting for the last 3-4 years. I have made up my mind and will definitely find time to pursue this hobby. It is really relaxing and a stress-buster too.

I am tagging 12 other blogger friends to answer the same questions.
I enjoyed doing it and now it is your turn. Have fun !

I have been tagged by Deepa -
HAMAREE RASOI in a fun game, where I have to select 7 apt posts from my blog for the mentioned categories which are:

1. The most Beautiful post:PINEAPPLE BIRDS
They really make your dinner table look so decorative.

To See Recipe Click - HERE

2. The most Popular Post:
Surprisingly this has been always on the top of the Popular Post-list.BAIGAN KA BHARTHA

To See Recipe Click - HERE

3. The most Controversial Post:

I can't really say controversial but yes I did recieve a couple of comments that the chillies were not tender enough after cooking. The reason might be the type of the chillies used as we have many varieties in different places. Just sprinkle a little water if necessary.

To See Recipe Click HERE

4. The most Helpful post:I have two posts in this category.
I have shown the step-by-step instructions how to make the wrappers at home for BORI SAMOSAS

To See Recipe Click HERE

See the Pictorial Instructions how to assemble these HERE
Your will definitely get praises from your guests when you serve this.
I had won an award for this snack in a cooking competition.

5. A post that was Surprisingly Successful:I have visitors viewing this from all over the world.

To See Recipe Click HERE

6. A post that didn't get Attention it Deserves:I feel that because I don't think many have seen or commented on this post. This is an amazingly easiest recipe for making mawa which can also be used to stuff various sweets like Gujjias or spread on Malpuas and Shahi Tukra / Sweet Bread Coins (my version with variation)

Sweet Bread Coins

To See Recipe Click HERE

7. A Post that I am Proud of:SATPURA ( Sindhi Sweet )

To See Recipe Click HERE
This sweet is usually prepared in the month of Shravan. The whole process of making this, rolling and frying is really tricky and tedious and time consuming. It has to be puffed, crispy and fried on slow fire taking care not to make it brown. Thanks to my Grandmother, I mastered it at a very young age. She would make me sit with her while she made them.
I really feel proud when I get praises for it, as many people cannot make it perfectly.
I really enjoyed this tag game as it gave me an opportunity to glance through all my recipes. I am tagging some of my friends, who I am sure will love doing the same. You have to pick up the 7 posts from your respective blogs accordingly.

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